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Crop Circle Mystery in Greenfield | Weird

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Crop Circle Mystery in Greenfield

An out-of-this-world mystery is unfolding in Greenfield. A YouTube video shows aerial and ground shots of sprawling crop circles, claiming they were found on a farm in the city.

A researcher with BLT Research, a crop circle investigation firm, spent part of his weekend in Greenfield hunting down the crop circles, but couldn't find them. 

Central Coast News tried to track them down, but couldn't locate the elusive crop circles, either. 

Most locals didn't seem to know anything about it: "I have never really heard of anything, except what's on TV," said Sherry Guiterrez. 

Greenfield police say they didn't know about it, but there seems to be a good reason.

"It's not Greenfield, California," said Greenfield Police Chief Joe Grebmeier.  "It's a location just outside of Bakersfield, and from what I'm told, this is a viral internet thing."

Naturally, people took to the internet to talk about them, and social media websites claim the crop circles are part of an alternative rock music video.

Officials with BLT research, named after the three researchers who founded the center, aren't sure if they are legitimate. 

Chief Grebmeier said he wouldn't be surprised by anything.

But, he commented it would be "pretty hard to do a crop circle in lettuce, asparagus, cauliflower or broccoli.  Just doesn't work."


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